Vol. XXVI: 1996-98

edited by Colin Legum

In its third decade of publication, Africa Contemporary Record remains the preeminent reference annual devoted to contemporary Africa. A special double volume, ACR XXVI offers thorough coverage of events that occurred from 1996 to 1998 and is written by distinguished scholars, journalists, and area experts. Each essay is extensively cross-referenced with preceding volumes in the series to create an invaluable ongoing reference library.

Feature Essays In Part One

AIDS: The Third Scourge of Africa
African Women: Burdened with Walking the Long Road to Self-Empowerment
Monitoring Human Rights Observance in Africa: Asssessing the Impact
The 'Place' of Democracy in Africa in the Second Liberation: Contextualizing the 1996-98 Democratization Trends
Organization of African Unity: Shorter Shrift for Coups, and Focus on Economy
British Policy in Africa: Putting an Ethical Foreign Policy to the Test
The Clinton Administration and Africa: A Turning Point in US Foreign Policy Toward Africa?
France and Africa

Country-by-Country Review and Documentation

Part Two features detailed reviews of each of the fifty-three nations on the continent. Part Three brings together many important documents on significant international, constitutional, and economic developments. It also contains important statistical tables on government expenditures and intra-African and foreign trade.

Praise for the series:

"Of all the many works of reference devoted to Africa, Africa Contemporary Record is the only one that is worth buying in its latest edition year after year."

"It has achieved an irreplaceable status and is essential reading for professional Africanists and African professionals."
—Canadian Journal of African Studies

"There exists a sizable number of reference works on Africa. But to practically no other applies the so easily misused term 'indispensable'."
—Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

"No library, large or small, which is used by persons with interest in Africa, can afford to be without the entire series on its shelves, and any scholar who can afford to have it within reach will find time and trouble often saved."
—Africa Today

Colin Legum worked in South Africa as a journalist before moving to London, where his career as associate editor of The Observer spanned three decades. Among his books are Must We Lose Africa? and The Battlefronts of Southern Africa. He has edited the ACR since 1968 and is editor of Third World Reports, a monthly newsletter.

Volume XXVI: 1996–98 • 1,130 pp
notes, docs., tables, indexes
ISBN 0-8419-1222-X (cloth) • $495.00

Fall 2003 • Volume XXVII: 1999–2000 • 1,200 pp (est.)
notes, docs., tables, indexes
ISBN 0-8419-1223-8 (cloth) • $495.00

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