Short Stories by Jewish-Latin American Writers

edited and with an introduction by Ilan Stavans

Ilan Stavans uses the image of the "tropical synagogue" to evoke the collective voice and imagination that come to life on the pages of this book.

A detailed bibliography of works by Jewish writers in Latin America is provided for those who want to read further.

Table of Contents



Camacho's Wedding Feast — Alberto Gerchunoff
Uncle Facundo — Isidoro Blaisten
Cecilia's Last Will and Testament — Alicia Steimberg
Blues in the Night — Germàn Rozenmacher
The Passion According to San Martín — Gerardo Mario Goloboff
The Last Emigrant — Nora Glickman
Celeste's Heart — Aída Bortnik
Rememberances of Things Future — Mario Szichman


Inside My Dirty Head — The Holocaust — Moacyr Scliar
Love — Clarice Lispector
His Moment of Glory — Samuel Rawet


The Conversion — Isaac Goldemberg


Papa's Friends — Elisa Lerner


Kindergarten — Victor Perera
Bottles — Alcina Lubitch Domecq
Canillas de Leche — David Unger


Genealogies — Margo Glantz
The Invisible Hour — Esther Seligson
In the Name of His Name — Angelina Muñiz-Huberman
The Death of Yankos — Ilan Stavans

Appendix: The Mythical Jew

Emma Zunz, Death and the Compass, The Secret Miracle
Jorge Luis Borges

"An anthology of this sort was long overdue. It will delight and intrigue fans of Latin American and Jewish Literature everywhere."
—Ariel Dorfman

"Themes steeped in allegory and metaphysics abound in this uncommon anthology."

"Tropical Synagogues reminds us that society south of the border is just as multicultural as in the U.S., and that Jews have played an important role in it since the time of the Spanish conquest."
—Publishers Weekly

"To paraphrase Américo Castro, one can study Jewish literature without taking Latin America into account, but one cannot study Latin American literature without including Jewish writers. This book validates that premise."

Ilan Stavans is a Mexican novelist and critic. Among the many books he has authored and edited are Growing Up Latino: Memoirs and Stories, The Hispanic Condition, Reflections on Culture and Identity in America. He teaches Romance Languages at Amherst College.

1997 Portico Paperbacks • 275 pp • bibliography
ISBN 0-8419-1340-4 • $34.95 (cloth)
ISBN 0-8419-1341-2 • $17.50 (paper)
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